Is a Gun Control Tsunami about to Hit U.S. shores?

You’ve heard of The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). Well, this is The End of the Second Amendment as We Know It (TEOTSAAWKI). It is a political attack on gun rights, to the effect that the Second Amendment becomes greatly reduced in scope and eventually nullified in effect. The result would be the inability of Americans to exercise their God-given right to self-defense.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President, you can bet she will attempt a vast expansion of gun control, that is to say, a vast narrowing of gun rights. But to get any such bill passed, she needs sufficient support in the House and the Senate. Currently, the Republicans control both Houses of Congress. But, according to, it looks like Democrats will take control of the Senate. On the other hand, it is unlikely but still possible that Democrats will also take the House in this election.

The problem is that, two years from now, after the midterm elections, we could see Democrats control both Houses, leading to quick passage of one gun control bill after another. It might not play out that way, but if it does, look for the Second Amendment to be under severe legislative attack.

Another issue is that a Clinton presidency means she picks at least one Supreme Court Justice, the currently open seat, and maybe one or two more. A swing in the Court toward the left could see a very narrow interpretation of gun rights. The far left sees the Second Amendment as limited to state militias: guns for soldiers and police officers, but not civilians.

Within two or three years, we could see an anti-gun rights President, House, Senate, and Supreme Court. And that would be a disaster of epic proportions. Liberals would pass one restriction after another, and the Court would not only refuse to declare these restrictions unconstitutional, but seize the opportunity to reinterpret the Second Amendment to deprive civilians of all gun rights.

As if the above were not enough, the final nail in the coffin of the Second Amendment comes from culture, not government. The trend in modern culture is an absolute unthinking rejection of all guns for any reason. There have even been a few news stories of police officers being refused service at stores because they were armed. And you may also have heard, not so long ago, of the controversy of soldiers being required to be unarmed in recruiting stations and on U.S. bases. On duty police officers can’t be armed? Active duty soldiers can’t have guns? WTF??!!

If liberals get control of Congress and the White House, we will see dozens of gun control bills coming to a vote. And the liberal media will hype these bills as if they were a panacea for the problems of violent crime and terrorism. But in reality, criminals and terrorists will have no trouble getting guns. They’ll be armed, and the citizenry will be more vulnerable than ever before.

It might not happen this time around, but sooner or later, liberals will gain control of the Presidency and both Houses of Congress. And next we will see a TSUNAMI of gun control laws at the federal level. Then, if the Supreme Court is taken over by liberals, it will open the door to a second tsunami at the State level. For if SCOTUS radically reinterprets the Second Amendment, civilians could lose their constitutional right to bear arms entirely. The claim would be that the right to bear arms only applies to soldiers and police. And then the liberal States will entirely take away gun rights from their citizens.

What will happen in the more conservative States, those which defend the Second Amendment, just as intended by the founding fathers? They might try to pass legislation countering federal laws. But then you end up with a gun that is State legal and Federal illegal. It would be similar to the situation with medical and recreational marijuana, where some States have legalized it, but the Federal government still considers it to be illegal. And that is far from ideal. A conservative State might be able to carve out some greater gun rights for its citizens. But there will be limits on what can be accomplished at the State level, especially if the Supreme Court goes off the deep end and changes the interpretation of the Second Amendment.

It’s going to get bad, people, real bad. I certainly hope I’m wrong. But I can see the writing on the wall.

– Thoreau

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