Survival Fiction; Entertaining and Educational

I’ve probably read three dozen books on prepping and survival and have enjoyed most of them very much.  I’ve also learned quite a bit from most of them.   Non-fiction survival manuals as well as fictional novels both have something to offer any prepper who is trying to improve his readiness.

Well written and creative novels are often able to teach specific skills and techniques while continuing to entertain the reader.  Others may only introduce concepts of prepping and survival but I’ve found that they all raise awareness of what could happen and what different situations could look like.

On the non-fiction side I’ve read books by Joe Nobody like “Holding Your Ground” and “Without Rule of Law”.  Both are easy to understand and give great step by step examples of tactical and strategic moves for surviving after a catastrophe.  These are straight “how to” books on preparing for as well as fighting through an emergency situation.  Joe also has a book out on firearms training which I have not yet read but have heard good things about.  It’s called “The Home Schooled Shootist”  .  I’ll be picking up a copy soon.

In the world of fiction but also written by Joe Nobody are several novels that I’ve found entertaining, well written, and very informative.  His “Holding Their Own” series as well as “Apocalypse Drift” were all great.

If you haven’t tried reading any of the fiction novels out there on prepping and survival I would highly recommend that you try a couple.  As preppers we’re always trying to make improvements to our stores and increase our readiness.  I’ve found interesting ideas that I probably would not have thought of on my own in just about every survival novel I’ve read.

Here is a brief list of some of my other favorites:

  • “Half Past Midnight” by Jeff Bracket
  • “Apocalypse Law” (the whole series) by John Grit
  • “Survivors” and “Patriots” by James Wesley Rawles
  • “American Apocalypse” (the whole series) by Nova

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

~ Butch

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