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Avoiding Hot Spots In An Emergency

Whether it’s during a hurricane, blizzard, power outage, or the aftermath of an earthquake it’s important to stay in a safe location and avoid any potential “Hot Spots”.  A Hot Spot is any area or situation that while ordinarily safe, … Continue reading

Survival Attire: Not Dressing The Part

I know lots of folks are fans of tactical vests, cammo clothing, and other military-style survival gear but in a minor emergency situation (i.e. the most likely disaster scenario) is that really the best choice? I have my share of … Continue reading

How To Choose Secure Passwords

When the SHTF, make sure that your data can survive the disaster along with you. If a calamity like Superstorm Sandy wrecks your home, your computer may be damaged beyond repair. So you will want to have a backup copy … Continue reading

The Psychological Response to Severe Disaster

I’m not a psychologist, so my comments on this topic are the opinions of a layman. But I think it is important to consider the psychological impact that a severe disaster may have on yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, and … Continue reading

An Overview of Lock Picking

This post is not instructional; it does not teach you HOW TO pick a lock. Instead, I’m taking the point of view of gaining knowledge about lock picking, for the sake of the security of home and property. It is … Continue reading

Prepping FAQ’s

Probably the most common or, Frequently Asked Question, about Prepping that I get is, “What are the three things you’d most like to have with you in an emergency?” Now, I’ve been asked this question so many times that I … Continue reading

New Alcohol Stove Design for Prepping

In a previous article, I discussed using alcohol stoves for post-SHTF cooking. The advantages of an alcohol stove are several. They are compact and store easily. The fuel is relatively safe and readily available. You don’t have the smoke of … Continue reading

Securing Your Data in the Cloud

We live in a digital world. Many people have a large number of digital files that are important to their lives: digital family photos, e-mails, personal writings, business files, financial records, etc. What if a power surge during a storm … Continue reading

How To Start A Fire

… without matches or a lighter, of course. From a practical point of view, you should have matches, or a BIC lighter, or better still, one of those lighters with the long extension. I have several in a drawer in … Continue reading