Non-Doomsday Preppers

The news media continue their negative and distorted portray of prepping. In reality, the vast majority of preppers are making prudent and reasonable preparations for a range of short- and long-term disasters, not primarily or solely a ‘Doomsday’ or TEOTWAWKI type event.

Some non-doomsday prepping websites:

The Shooter’s Log — a gun blog that also features occasional prepping posts, such as: Home Defense Equipment: Is Your House Secure? and
Tornado Season is Here!

Food Storage and Survival has a good post on this topic: Not Buying Doomsday? 10 Everyday Reasons to be a Prepper. And Food Storage Made Easy covers food storage from a non-doom-and-gloom point of view.

Some non-doomsday prepping posts:

Different ways to start a fire:

How explorers started fires at Pioneer Handbooks
The quest for fire at The Silver Survivor
And Fire from the Sun has some innovative ways to start a fire, with water, with ice, even with a soda can.

Starting a fire is useful in a wide range of different situations. It’s a skill that most preppers should consider acquiring.

Different ways to make a homemade lamp:

Homemade Lamps from Everyday Objects at Tactical Intelligence
Make Your Own Olive Oil Lamp at Mother Earth News
Homemade Vegetable Oil Lamp at Judy of the Woods

Making your own lamp is another good skill for the power outage that accompanies many short- and long-term disasters.

Finally … here at, we don’t ignore the possibility of long-term disasters and their preparation. But our focus is on prudent and reasonable preparations for a wide range of disasters, including the more common short-term disasters, such as hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.

– Thoreau

One Response to Non-Doomsday Preppers

  1. Prepare for LIFE no DOOMSDAY. Doesnt do ya any good to spend 5K on guns to be wiped out by a tornado when the money shoulda been spent on a shelter!