Are Our Gun Rights Safe? Trump on Guns

President-elect Donald J. Trump, during his campaign, had a not-so-clearly stated position on guns that supported the Second Amendment, and opposed excessive gun control. Let’s take a look back at his statements, which are not entirely consistent. from On The … Continue reading

Is a Gun Control Tsunami about to Hit U.S. shores?

You’ve heard of The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). Well, this is The End of the Second Amendment as We Know It (TEOTSAAWKI). It is a political attack on gun rights, to the effect that the … Continue reading

An Electoral College Tie could cause Civil Unrest

In this post, I’m not going to argue for or against any particular candidate. Instead, I’m going to ask a simple question. What would happen if, in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, or any future Presidential election, no candidate reaches … Continue reading

Perceived Risk versus Actual Risk

In the realm of prepping and survival, risk assessment is crucial. In assessing risk, you have to consider both how likely the disaster may be, and how severe also. You can’t spend all your time and effort prepping for severe … Continue reading

Local Government Mandates Smart Thermostats

Here’s the news story: Austin requires smart thermostats in all new homes. On the surface, it’s not such an alarming requirement. Smart thermostats help save money by making adjustments to the home temperature to reduce power consumption. The problem is … Continue reading

Survival Scenarios: Hunkering Down with Coworkers

This is a plot for a horror movie, if ever there was one. Some SHTF disaster traps you at work, for an extended period of time. You are stuck in the same room or building with your co-workers and bosses … Continue reading

Prepping for Air Quality Problems

A recent news article on massive smoke and haze from fires in Indonesia got me thinking about how similar problems might occur in the U.S. and what we might do about it. “Toxic fumes from the Indonesian fires that have … Continue reading

Leaf Protein Concentrate – a survival food

The leaves of many plants are a good source of protein: amaranth, spinach, lettuce, kale, alfalfa, as well as the leaves from plants that produce other edibles: beans, grains, sweet potato, etc. The main problem with leaves as a protein … Continue reading

The Real Trade-off in the Privacy vs. Security debate

Since 9-11, political commentators have been discussing the relationship between privacy and security. Should the government be given greater ability to intrude into our private lives, in order to keep us safer? And, alarmingly in my view, more than a … Continue reading

Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet

I regularly read different news and commentary sources that are relevant to prepping. One such resource, which is perhaps not so well-known among preppers, is a blog by Bruce Schneier: Schneier on Security. He covers new types of computer and … Continue reading

Survival Scenarios: Driving after the SHTF

Driving is so simple and relatively safe nowadays. But after the SHTF, that could all change. Desperate people do desperate things. Law and order could breakdown, leaving motorists to fend off criminals without much help. Visitors to the Summer Olympics … Continue reading

New Prepping Website: Future Danger

I happened across a new prepping website, Future Danger, which links to a myriad of different news stories of interest to preppers and survivalists and other concerned human beings. Nice layout. Easy to navigate. The links are categorized by topic. … Continue reading