Which States Have the Most Residents Well-Prepared for Survival?

This amusing chart ranks the U.S. States and Washington D.C. by preparedness for a zombie attack. But most of their criteria would also apply to real-world preparedness for various SHTF scenarios. Criteria include the number of: military personnel, veterans, gun owners, physically active citizens, people survival skills, etc. Here’s the full article.

The top ten states were: Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin. The bottom four were New York, D.C., Mississippi, and New Jersey. You might argue with their criteria or the weighting of each factor, but they have a good overall point. Some states have more prepared citizens, and other states have fewer prepared citizens.

I would suggest that states with fewer restrictions on firearms offer their citizens a significant survival advantage. The states that have more residents in large cities might be at a disadvantage. City-dwellers will have a rough time if the power is out and there is a food shortage. Rural living is more conducive to survival in some scenarios. Where you live can have an effect on how well or poorly you suffer through a disaster.

– Thoreau

2 Responses to Which States Have the Most Residents Well-Prepared for Survival?

  1. i live in Pennsylvania. Take out Philly and Pittsburgh and our state rating would shoot up into the top 15%. Where i live, people are very self reliant. Waste not want not. Mennonites are very capable people and can weather most hardships!

  2. Hawaii’ baseless position in the middle of the pack discredits whatever methodology was employed here.

    In a state that imports literally *everything* it consumes, any disruption in shipping will be a death sentence.
    The 500k people crammed onto its 40nm x 40nm landmass are doomed when the dollar collapses.