Weekly Survival Reader (May 13-17)

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Friday: 17 May 2013
* SHTFplan.com: U.S. Military Grants Itself the Authority to Deploy Troops in American Cities Without Presidential or Local Approval
* The Survival Mom: Advice for new Survival Moms from those who have been around a while
* Last Minute Survival: Do You Know Your Fourth Amendment Rights? Part I
* PBS news: Spread of Antibiotic-Resistant ‘Superbugs’ Causes Global Concerns
* Organic Gardening: Mulch: The best time-saving measure a gardener can take
* Organic Gardening: Gardener’s To-Do List for May
* Wired.com: Let’s Fight Big Pharma’s Crusade to Turn Eccentricity Into Illness
* Living Green: Reasons to Grow Heirloom Vegetables and Fruits in Your Garden
* Prep-Blog archives: Non-Doomsday Shelters
* Prep-Blog archives: Non-Doomsday Preppers

Thursday: 16 May 2013
* Washington Post: Signing of Maryland gun control bill
* Nature Skills: Spear Fishing for Survival
* Willow Haven Outdoor: Survival Mentality: How the numbers 80 and 20 can help save your life
* The Firearm Blog: Inteliscope: Use Your iPhone As A RifleScope (I’m skeptical, but it’s an interesting idea)
* My Family Survival Plan: Get Ready For The Government-Supported Food Crisis (a post about rampant bee colony deaths)
* Mother Earth News: How to Choose the Best Greenhouse Kit
* 100 Dollars a Month: Storing Onions in Mesh Bags and Pantyhose
* Tactical Intelligence: How to Develop Mental Toughness
* Prep-Blog archives: The Survival Shotgun; A Closer Look
* Prep-Blog archives: The Often Overlooked Twenty-Two

Wednesday: 15 May 2013
* Prepper Recon.com: Bug Out Bag Check Up
* PreppingToSurvive.com: Putting Your Survival Plans to the Test
* re:ThinkSurvival: How to Make a Basic Snare With Paracord or Wire (video)
* Patriot Nurse: Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage
* Offgrid Survival: AMMO FAQ: The Basics of Ammunition
* Survival Monkey: .17 HMR vs. 22 Long Rifle (discussion)
* YouTube: Its the end of the world (as we know it) by R.E.M (with lyrics)
* The Survival Podcast: All About Urban Homesteading
* Prep-Blog archives: Living Off The Land: how much land?
* Prep-Blog archives: Living Off The Land: revisited

Tuesday: 14 May 2013
* Backdoor Survival: 26 Five Minute Prepping Projects
* Doomsday Moose: The Only Three Items Needed By a True Survivalist
* Zen Stoves: Zen and the Art of the Alcohol Stove
* ATE Prepared: Vegetable Companion Planting
* Modern Survival Blog: Survival Priorities
* Survival UK: First timer with Chickens
* Preparing Your Family: If You Aren’t Worried, You’re Not Paying Attention
* Geek Prepper: Fresnel Lense – Fire Starting Secret Weapon
* One Project Closer: How to Build Inexpensive Basement Storage Shelves
* Prep-Blog archives: Medical and First Aid Books for Preppers

Monday: 13 May 2013
* CTD: 30 Survival Uses for Sandbags
* Destiny Survival: 10 Must-Have Items for Your Bug-Out-Bag
* Paul Kirtley: Survival Foraging: A Realistic Approach
* WikiHow: How to Sharpen a Knife
* NBC News: Drought, cold cripple wheat crop
* Survival Spot: The 10 Best Guns for Women
* Mother Earth News: 100-Year-Old Hints for Drying Clothes Outside
* Backdoor Survival: Reasons You Need Salt in the Prepper Pantry
* WebMD: Stress Management Tips
* Homestead Survival: 4 Reasons Why Growing Herbs Makes Sense

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  1. Wow! Very impressive detailed list of what is going on this week and the sites and stations as to where the stories can be read.