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Recharging Your Cell Phone with Butane

Brookstone and Lilliputian Systems have announced that they are bringing to market — after more than a few years of hype — a small consumer fuel cell that runs on butane cartridges. The device consists of two components: inexpensive (we … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Electromagnetic Pulse

Here at Prep-Blog we try to focus on emergency preparedness for the most likely disaster scenarios you are likely to face. Generally, things like earthquakes, hurricanes, bad storms, localized civil unrest, etc… tend to attract our attention as they are … Continue reading

The Disaster Domino Effect

A severe, but local disaster, can have unexpected repercussions reaching to distant locations, even months or years later. Let’s call this phenomenon the ‘disaster domino effect‘. A good example is found in the Fukushima tidal wave and nuclear power plant … Continue reading

Wind Turbine Specs: buyer beware

I’ve been researching wind turbines — the backyard size, not the multi-megawatt off-shore size — off and on for a few years now. What I have found is somewhat disheartening. Some companies offer too little information on their turbine. They … Continue reading

Electricity, E-Lec-Tricity!

Way back in 2001 or so Pacific Gas & Electric, the utility that provides power for most of Northern California, was forced into bankruptcy. The stock price immediately dropped to half of what it was previously and I said to … Continue reading

Snowstorm Preparedness Tips

I currently live in sunny Florida. So what do I know about snowstorms? I grew up and lived most of my adult life in Massachusetts. We know snowstorms. I remember the blizzard of ’78, when a Nor’easter hit the State … Continue reading

Wind Power Options: Micro Turbines

I’m interested in small wind turbines as one source of electrical power, for cases of short- or long-term disasters. If the power is out for only a few days, I can use the approaches already discussed in the article Using … Continue reading

Using a Computer and the Internet during Power Outages

Suppose that some disaster occurs, not the end of the world as we know it, but some event that is nevertheless relatively severe. How might we use our computers, and even the internet, during the outage? A power outage certainly … Continue reading