Aubrey Plaza is ready for any kind of Apocalypse

Aubrey Plaza is that actress from Parks and Recreation. She was also recently in a zombie movie (playing the girlfriend who turns into a zombie). In this clip from the Conan O’Brien show, she talks about how she is ready for any kind of apocalypse, zombie or otherwise.

She claims (humorously, I hope) to have a dagger by her bedside. Then she does a weekly “shanking drill” to practice fighting off potential attackers.

She says she makes sure to surround herself with people who have special skills, useful in case everything goes to shit. That’s why she bought her boyfriend helicopter lessons. What about her skills? “I’m in charge of weapons and ammo.”

The lighter side of prepping. Take a look.

– Thoreau

2 Responses to Aubrey Plaza is ready for any kind of Apocalypse

  1. She clearly survived the millennial bra-pocalypse. What else is there to worry about?

  2. She’s hott!