Foolish but Funny: Shotgun Gardening

Introducing a new series of posts at — short posts making fun of bad ideas related (perhaps only remotely) to prepping and survival. First up, planting seeds in a garden with a shotgun shell. No, this is not a planter that looks like a shotgun shell. The creators of the novelty actually put seeds in a shell with gun powder. They expect their customers to load this shell in a shotgun and fire it at the ground! WTF?!!

Hat Tip to Digital Trends: Boring gardens don’t stand a chance against flower seeds you plant with a shotgun. And here’s the company website: Flower Shell: “The first shotgun shell that fires flower seeds”.

Bad idea. So many reasons. Never fire a gun at the ground right in front of you! It will blast dirt and pebbles into the air and maybe into your face. Shotguns are for self-defense, hunting, and recreational or competitive shooting. It’s not a toy … or a gardening tool. Also, this is not going to produce a well-ordered garden. Finally, does this idiot even have the proper FFL for making ammunition? Not smart at all.

– Thoreau

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