Weekly Survival Reader: July 8 – 12

I’ve changed the daily survival reader from 10 links per day, to 5 per weekday. I think that 25 per week is enough for a good assortment of sites to visit. Unlike some of the other link sites, I try to use a broad range of sources and topics, including prepping-related news stories, some interesting products, lots of gardening, food, and agriculture articles, along with links to posts on other prepping and survival blogs. Enjoy.

Friday: 12 July 2013
* Personal Readiness Education Programs: Understanding and Surviving Civil Unrest: What To Do In Case Of Rioting
* Nature Skills: Bee Sting Treatment and Remedies
* $100/month: How To Freeze Peppers
* Frugally Sustainable: 10+ Ways to Beat Rising Food Prices
* Treehugger: A Kickstarter to kick off your backyard garden

Thursday: 11 July 2013
* Backwoods Home: Drive your own
freshwater well

* Nature Skills: Tick Bites – Symptoms and Treatments
* Organic Gardening: Buckwheat: A Summer Soil Boost
* Willow Haven Outdoor: Mental Survival Skills: Don’t Give Up The Ship
* Backdoor Survival: 4 Pepping Lessons Learned Following a Near Disaster

Wednesday: 10 July 2013
* Treehugger: 10 best gadgets to have on a camping trip (or when bugging out)
* Lifehacker: Make Your Own Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide and Beeswax (for bugging out when it’s sunny)
* YouTube: Powerful PVC pipe bow under $10 (DIY Survival on the go)
* Product: The SanDisk Extreme Is the Fastest Affordable Flash Drive on the Block (for bugging out with data)
* The Walden Effect: Dig your own Root Cellar (too ambitious for me)

Tuesday: 9 July 2013
* Backdoor Survival: How To Build A Worm Bin the Cheap and Easy Way (for making compost)
* Food Storage and Survival: 15+ Emergency Phone Numbers to Have Handy
* Survival Mom Radio Network (several interesting shows)
* Grow it, Cook it, Can it: How to Preserve 100+ lbs. of Tomatoes With Almost No Work
* My Adventures in Self-Reliance: 5 Years of Prepping

Monday: 8 July 2013
* NEWS: Experts meet to advise the WHO on the new MERS coronavirus
* Survival UK: Burdock (root vegetable with medicinal properties)
* NRA news: California gun confiscation (video)
* Survivopedia: 5 Ideal Weapons for Survival Situations
* Cheryl’s Delights: Homemade Aloe Vera Gel

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