Weekly Survival Reader (May 28-32)

This new feature at Prep-Blog.com is a single webpage where you can access our continually growing list of top posts, articles, and resources for prepping and survival. The list is organized on a daily basis. And we’ll be adding a post at the end of each week (Friday) to summarize the past week’s list of links. Visit our Prepping and Survival Reader page daily, or wait for the weekly post to peruse a set of links for your reading interest.

Friday: 31 May 2013
* Quizzle: How Big Of An Emergency Fund Do YOU Need?
* Prepping To Survive: Knowledge and Experience: Your Most Important Asset for Wilderness Survival
* Survival UK: Aquaponics
* Urban Survival Site: 10 Common Prepping Mistakes
* Housekeeping.org: 25 Blogs Dedicated to Living off the Land
* Preparedness Pro: Everything You Need to Know for an ABUNDANT Garden — Part 1
* Preparedness Pro: Everything You Need to Know for an ABUNDANT Garden — Part 2
* Practical Prepping Blog: These People Also Thought: ‘It Could NEVER Happen Here’
* Preparedness Advice: How to Make and Use Butterfly Bandages

Thursday: 30 May 2013
* Treehugger.com: 7 No-Cost Ways to Grow More Food From Your Garden
* Denver Post: First major hemp crop in 60 years is planted in southeast Colorado
* Instructables: Paracord Wrap Your Tools
* Survival Sherpa: 13 Simple Ways to Eat Your Yard and Build Food Security
* Instructables: Knots for all purposes
* Rural Revolution: Putting in potato beds
* How To Survive It: 19 Things a Prepper Should Never Throw Away
* Mother Earth News: The $30 Greenhouse
* Willowhaven Outdoor: 6 Last-Minute Gifts That Any Survival Loving Graduate Will Appreciate
* Prep-Blog archives: The Oldest Form Of Home Defense

Wednesday: 29 May 2013
* Fox News: New China bird flu resistant to Tamiflu
* CNN: New SARS-like virus is a ‘threat to the entire world’
* WHO: Novel coronavirus infection – update (Middle East respiratory syndrome- coronavirus)
* CDC: A Novel Coronavirus called “MERS-CoV”
* Survival Mom: Are your kids equipped to handle these 7 scary scenarios?
* The Survivalist Blog: Post disaster sanitation. Here’s How.
* Daily Sheeple: One Year Away From Global Riots
* Jarhead Dude: Wilderness Survival Shelters
* Suburban Stone Age: Edible Landscaping: From Lawn to Garden
* re:Think Survival: 6 Reasons Why Bugging Out is a Bad Idea

Tuesday: 28 May 2013
* How To Survive It: 6 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Anywhere
* Survival Sherpa: Todd’s Tomato Ladders: No More Lame Cages
* Peak Prosperity: Preparing for Economic Collapse (Learning from the past — a personal account)
* Half Acre Homestead: Home Grown Greenhouse
* The Survivalist Blog: Taurus .357 Magnum Lever-Action Rifle Review (what you should know, before you buy)
* Mother Earth News: How to Grow Strawberries in Your Backyard
* $100 per Month: Square Foot Gardening – Slugs Ate My Cucumber Plants
* Resource: USDA Soil Maps online
* Nature Skills: Spear Fishing for Survival
* Organic Gardening: How to Start an Organic Garden in 9 Easy Steps

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