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Survival Nutrition: Complementary Proteins

For general health at all times, and especially if any short- or long-term disaster affects your food supply, you should be armed with some basic knowledge of nutrition. This article focuses on protein, one of the three macronutrients needed for … Continue reading

When The Stored Food Is Gone

What happens when all of the food that you carefully gathered and stored runs out? If one situation or another arises, you might need to rely on stored food for an extended period of time. But you know that it … Continue reading

Food Storage for Survival: Carbs, Protein, Fat

I’ve seen many different survival and survivalist blogs discuss this fundamental prepping topic: Food Storage. Typical recommendations include: grains, canned goods, dried beans, powdered milk, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, etc. Sometimes they tout particular food items as good choices, due … Continue reading

Food Storage for Emergency Preparedness: the basics

Why Store Food? Suppose that some type of moderate disaster occurs. Not the end of the world. Not a total economic and societal melt-down. Just the type of disaster that has happened, in one place or another, multiple times so … Continue reading