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Update on Current Impending Disasters

Apart from pure speculation as to the most likely SHTF scenarios, there is some basis for proposing that certain disasters are approaching fruition. This prepping and survival blog post is a quick overview of current impending disasters, specifically: * the … Continue reading

Supervolcanoes: much worse than regular volcanoes

In my previous post, I discussed the effects of a volcanic eruption: local as well as global effects. The main global effect, from a large eruption, is a cooling of the weather, especially in northern latitudes. Such a large volcanic … Continue reading

5 Least Likely TEOTWAWKI Scenarios

In a previous post, I discussed The Top 5 Most Likely TEOTWAWKI Scenarios. But this prepping and survival blog post is about the LEAST likely extreme SHTF scenarios. The list is merely my opinion, so if you disagree, sound off … Continue reading

The Hot Zone: TEOTWAWKI narrowly averted

The Hot Zone is a book published quite a few years ago. But it has particular relevance to prepping and the threat of a severe epidemic in today’s world. The book is non-fiction. It tells the story of how an … Continue reading

The Top 5 Most Likely TEOTWAWKI Scenarios

These are not “end of the world” scenarios, but rather “The End Of The World As We Know It” scenarios. A TEOTWAWKI event does not involve the extinction or near-extinction of humanity. Instead, it involves an event or set of … Continue reading

Survival Bunkers

Recently I saw a show called Extreme Survival Bunkers on TV that got me to thinking. The show detailed several different people and their plans for building bunkers to ride out any mass casualty or TEOTWAWKI events.  If you’re looking … Continue reading

Could North Korea Be Developing An EMP Weapon?

Is it possible that new developments in North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons programs could be putting them closer to having the ability to launch an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack on the United States? As most of you probably … Continue reading

The Origin of the term TEOTWAWKI

There are two ways to consider the origin of TEOTWAWKI, as an acronym and as the phrase it signifies: The End of the World as We Know It. I did a little amateur research on Google Books (advanced book search) … Continue reading

Rare but Severe Disaster Scenarios

It is useful to prepare for less severe disasters, as these tend to be more common: power outages, hurricanes, snow storms, economic downturns, and anything else that might present a relatively limited disruption to daily life. But there is no … Continue reading

The Most Common Argument against Prepping

Every prepper website, including Prep-Blog, is full of advice and commentary on preparing for a wide range of disasters, from hurricanes and earthquakes, to severe economic downturns, to some version of the end of the world as we know it … Continue reading

Preppers beware: Debunking the Mayan Doomsday

The Mayan calendar system is complex. They had two different ways of reckoning a year, and the complex interaction between those two years results in longer calendar cycles. Some historical background on the Mayan calendar. One particular long cycle supposedly … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Electromagnetic Pulse

Here at Prep-Blog we try to focus on emergency preparedness for the most likely disaster scenarios you are likely to face. Generally, things like earthquakes, hurricanes, bad storms, localized civil unrest, etc… tend to attract our attention as they are … Continue reading