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The 7 Most Useful Items for a Car First-Aid Kit

I have an extensive first aid kit for my home, which fills a medium size duffle bag and overflows to the shelves in my linen closet. Here’s an older post on the contents of that kit, My First Aid Kit … Continue reading

Prepping Basics: First-Aid

Everyone knows that first-aid is an important part of any preparedness plan. But how many of us are actually preparing properly when it comes to this area? There are a lot of different kinds of ready-made first-aid kits on the … Continue reading

My First Aid Kit for Disaster Preparedness

Here’s a list of what’s in my emergency preparedness first aid kit, and why. The kit occupies a medium sized duffle bag, about 10″ x 10″ x 20″ in size. Caution: I strongly recommend that you put nothing in your … Continue reading

The Band-Aid in the Wallet

Not too long ago I began to realize that despite the effort I had been putting into mid to long term emergency preparedness, I was underprepared for small events that happen all the time. I’m not talking about civil unrest, … Continue reading