Belgium distributes Iodine tablets to all residents

Here’s the news story: Belgium Issues Iodine Pills to All Citizens in Nuclear Emergency Plan.

“Belgium is to issue iodine tablets to its entire population as part of a revised nuclear emergency plan, a measure unveiled just months after it emerged that ISIS-linked bombers spied on a top scientist and hoped to build a “dirty bomb.” “

Essentially, an entire nation is prepping for nuclear emergency. One concern of Belgium officials is that either an accident or sabotage at the nuclear power plants in the nation could affect a large portion of the population. Belgium is a rather small nation, about the size of Maryland in the U.S.

Another concern is that terrorists will use a dirty bomb against the nation. Then, too, if a dirty bomb were used against a neighboring nation, some of the radioactivity might enter Belgium. So all citizens are at risk.

How large is the population of Belgium? About 11.2 million persons. That’s a large amount of KI (potassium iodide) to distribute. But KI is relatively cheap.

My question: why doesn’t the U.S. do the same, at least to residents near nuclear power plants, and residents of cities more likely to be attacked by terrorists (e.g. NYC, Washington DC)? When I lived in Florida, near enough to an aging nuclear power plant to receive a yearly evacuation plan, they neither distributed KI, nor suggested that we buy and store our own supply of KI.

More governments need to be more involved in preparing for various disasters.

– Thoreau

3 Responses to Belgium distributes Iodine tablets to all residents

  1. Very interesting article. One question. Why do you suggest that it is the governments fault that we are not prepared? Should the State provide everyone with Tums, Gaviscon, and KI or KIO3? How about fire extinguishers and emergency food? I choose to believe that you really believe in personal responsibility.

  2. Interesting news item… I wonder if they know something? Regardless they are not alone is preparing for the worst.

    The US government in cooperation with state and local authorities is preparing for just this sort of event. Check out the “Cities Readiness Initiative” on the CDC website.

    The website notes “CDC’s Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) is a federally funded program designed to enhance preparedness in the nation’s largest population centers where more than 50% of the U.S. population resides. Using CRI funding, state and large metropolitan public health departments develop, test, and maintain plans to quickly receive and distribute life-saving medicine and medical supplies from the nation’s Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to local communities following a large-scale public health emergency.”

    My city exercises for the mass distribution of medications for large-scale public health emergencies on an annual basis. Most larger jurisdictions apparently do also.