Nationwide Violent Protests: Is this a new Trend?

I’m not surprised that protests have turned violent in Ferguson, MO., where the violent confrontation between officer Wilson and Michael Brown occurred. But why have protests and violence spread to many other cities? Here’s the news report. I find it hard to believe that all those protestors are upset specifically about one case before one grand jury in a distant local.

Some have suggested that protestors are concerned more generally with racial inequality and injustice. That’s a legitimate concern. But it doesn’t explain the outbreak of violence. Concern for justice does explain why “protesters [in California] vandalized police cars, smashed windows at car dealerships, restaurants and convenience stores as well as setting fire to trash in the middle of city streets.” It seems to me that some people are unhappy with their lives, and angry at government or society. So when there is an excuse for violence, they take it.

I wonder whether this is a new trend in our society. At every turn, when there is a controversy or protests, will violence sweep the nation?

– Thoreau

One Response to Nationwide Violent Protests: Is this a new Trend?

  1. Yes this will be the normal response from our society. The people have lost faith in our corrupt government and law enforcement officials. What can we expect from officials that are getting arrested for criminal acts, and swat teams that knock your door down, shoot first and ask questions later, must i go on? We investigate drug rings for years before any arrests are made, but we don’t spend enough time to make sure we are at the right house before we blow the door down and start shooting. Must i go on?