Luxury Doomsday Condo in former Missile Silo

This approach to prepping is not my cup of tea. But it’s an interesting story to read about: Luxury missile silo condos promise more than mere survival in apocalypse. Apparently, one silo is already sold out, and another is under construction. You can even get a “penthouse” condo in the underground silo. I’m not sure if this penthouse is above or below ground, but it’s definitely expensive. If I had that much money to spend on living quarters, I’d be living in a water-view home on a sunny island somewhere, not a missile silo.

A few comments on the topic:

Well, this is how the mass media views prepping: people taking extreme actions, like living in a missile silo, to prepare for the zombie apocalypse (or something similar). It annoys me that the more common approach to prepping is generally ignored: having supplies on hand for a range of fairly probable events, such as natural disasters.

The prices go up into the millions of dollars. If I had that much “disposable income” to spend on prepping, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t spend it on prepping. I have a well-stocked first aid kit, water purification equipment, stored food, and books on a range of relevant topics. And I’ve gained some knowledge over the years. I’m moderately well-prepared as preppers go. But I don’t let prepping take over my life or force me underground.

What do these people think will happen in a TEOTWAWKI scenario, if they are living in an underground complex? Eventually, there will be in-fighting over food and supplies, or over who should be in charge. And if the power goes out, how do you get air in an underground bunker? I’m not convinced that this type of living arrangement is better than living above-ground, even in a worst case scenario.

There is no way to Prep such that you remove all Risk. If you have the funds, a second home in a rural area, with its own power and water, would be a much better choice. It’s a little more that I would be willing to do, by way of prepping. But then you might just prefer to live year-round in a rural area, in a self-sufficient home. But underground missile silo. I don’t think so.

– Thoreau

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