Which States Are the Most Gun Friendly?

The following list of gun-friendly States was taken from a few different online articles on the subject. To vote, choose up to 5 States.

For some background information on each State and its gun laws, see:

Top 10 Gun-Friendly States in the U.S. and this Guns and Ammo ranking of all 50 States plus D.C. Then there is this NRA list of State Constitutional clauses on the right to bear arms.

3 Responses to Which States Are the Most Gun Friendly?

  1. I’d respectfully submit you could replace Texas with Oklahoma, and add Tennessee in there somewhere, as well.

  2. Legally speaking, Alabama is much more gun friendly than Texas is, but quite a significant margin. The only real restriction we have in Alabama is that we need a permit for concealed carry and even that’s ‘shall issue’. Texas has no open carry and requires testing before getting a CC permit.

  3. No offense folks – But Vermont’s a helluva a lot more gun friendly than anyplace on this list save Wyoming and that’s only since they changed their laws. I carry open or concealed where I want LEGALLY and the only weapons related thing the state bans are silencer-suppressors and that’s being challenged. Not that I mind the Liberals missing Vermont’s stance given who we’re surrounded by…