Suggestions for our Survival Blogs List?

I’ve been editing Prep-Blog’s list of Our Favorite Survival Blogs, taking off blogs that are no longer updated. But I’m also looking for newer prepping or survival blogs, or older blogs that never made the list. If you have any suggestions, please add the site name, brief description, and a link in the comments below.

I would shy away from blogs that are run by a commercial company looking to draw visitors to their online store. If I see a lot of “guest posts”, the purpose of which is to promote a commercial site, I would not be likely to add that blog to the list. I’m not a fan of doom and gloom blogs, or “government conspiracy theory” blogs either.

I like to see original content by persons actively involved in prepping and survival. The posts might be informative, or they might describe a “personal journey” in the subject area of prepping or survival. I also like perspective posts, giving a unique point of view on prepping or survival. I hope that’s not too many requirements

– Thoreau

3 Responses to Suggestions for our Survival Blogs List?

  1. i read “modern survival “and “prep-blog”. also” the truth about guns” (ttag).

    also” zero hedge” for economy news.


  2. I read several on a daily basis and especially like “” great advise and a bit of humor to make it fun. David the good is a fantastic gardener and a really nice down to earth guy! This year he grew over 800 pounds of food for his family in his yard, an edible landscape.
    I also read rethink survival, off the grid news, shtf plan, the survivalist blog, and of course prep-blog.

  3. I’ve added all of the above suggestions to the Survival Blogs List. But I wasn’t sure which “modern survival” site you were suggesting, Bill G — I have two on the list:
    Modern Survival Blog – Surviving uncertain times
    Modern Survival Online – Thoughts on Survival and the World Today