The Ultimate TEOTWAWKI Event: Yellowstone Supervolcano

This recent science news story caught my eye: researchers have determined that the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park is much bigger than previously thought, 2.5 times bigger. An eruption would cover most of North America in ash…

“Some 640,000 years ago there was a colossal cauldron of magma, a supervolcano, that exploded with such violence that it left an ash layer almost ten feet deep a thousand miles away in eastern Nebraska killing all plant life and covering almost all of the United States west of the Mississippi. Modern geological surveys have shown that this supervolcano erupts catastrophically every 600,000 years.” (Daily Galaxy)

… “killing all plant life” — oh and a large proportion of the human life on the continent as well. The rest of the world would be plunged into a perpetual winter that could last for decades. Modern agriculture would become nearly impossible. Most of the world would starve to death. The human race would be dragged to the brink of extinction.

The likelihood that Yellowstone will erupt in our lifetime is quite low. But the possibility is undeniable. When preppers talk about a TEOTWAWKI Event, not much is equal to a supervolcano eruption. A large comet making a direct strike on the planet comes close. But then again, you can’t prepare for this type of event. Can an eruption be prevented? Probably not. So why worry?

There is one very troubling possibility, though. The Yellowstone caldera is close enough to the surface that a ground-burst nuclear missile strike could perhaps set it off. With more and more nations seeking nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, this sheer possibility could become a real issue in the future. Yet another reason to stop rogue nations led by crazed dictators from obtaining nukes.

– Thoreau

2 Responses to The Ultimate TEOTWAWKI Event: Yellowstone Supervolcano

  1. Yeah its funny how nations build up WMDs, without really considering the residual side effects of using them. While I have several friends that are preparing for nuclear events, most never considering the backlash that mother nature will bring along in response.

  2. Wouldn’t a super eruption basically destroy the Corn Belt? How could that NOT “endanger the United States”? I don’t think anyone thought they’d be getting pyroclastic flows in Maine. It’s the ashfall across the midwest that’s the real catastrophe. The evacuation of entire states like Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and the Dakotas would be a nation-altering disaster all by itself.