Vision For The Future

When it comes to packing a Bug-Out-Bag or just stocking up on supplies around the house for a possible disaster there is one thing I am always sure I have enough of.  One thing I never ever skimp on.  And no, it’s not food, water, first-aid, or even self defense.  It’s extra pairs of eyeglasses.

For those of us that have impaired vision, being able to see is perhaps the most basic of all survival needs.  Sure I understand the old adage of, “you can go three hours without this and three days without that, etc…”  but you really aren’t going anywhere if you can’t see, are you?

I myself am a bit near sighted but could probably get by in a limited fashion without any vision correction at all.  By “get by” I mean I could walk around without bumping into things, could manage around the house, might even be able to drive my car (although I probably shouldn’t…).  On the other hand I would absolutely Not be able to identify a threat beyond 25 yards or so and it would be absolute lunacy for me to try to handle a firearm.

This is why I’ve got extra pairs of eyeglasses scattered all around.  I have a pair in my Bug-Out-Bag, a pair in my desk at work, a pair in my car, a pair in a drawer at home, and perhaps most importantly, a pair in my quick access handgun safe that I keep near my bed.  Now, I’m fortunate that my prescription has not changed over the last few years so I’ve been able to accumulate these glasses at minimum cost.  I didn’t have to go out and buy extra pairs, I just held onto the old ones I had even though their frames had gone out of style, OR, as my wife would say, were never in style to begin with.  So fine, maybe I do look like Harry Potter with my round frame glasses on but at least I’ll be able to  see…

These days I wear contact lenses but keep the eyeglasses around for emergencies.   I would suggest that all of our readers who need vision correction do the same.  This brings me to another question that I haven’t quite decided on yet.  Would it be best for me to have laser surgery to correct my vision permanently?  I’m a good candidate for it as I haven’t had a change in vision for many years.  And I am a big fan of the “get it fixed now while services are available” camp.  I don’t know, just not sure.

Anyway, I would encourage everyone who does wear contacts or who needs glasses in order to see to have plenty of backups and spares scattered around for an emergency situation.  I would also encourage everyone regardless of their need for vision correction to have several pairs of safety goggles on hand to prevent eye injury.  Safety goggles are important whenever you’re doing any type of construction work that could result in flying debris.  During an emergency situation, say after a hurricane or earthquake, they are absolutely critical.

Eyes are extremely delicate and can be damaged quite easily.  What would be a minor scratch to any other part of the body can result in blindness if it affects the eye.  It’s one thing to patch up an inch long cut on your forearm and quite another to deal with an eye that’s  been hit with an inch long splinter.

In closing, I hate to sound like your mother but don’t forget the very real threat that “YOU’LL POKE YOUR EYE OUT, KID!”

~ Butch

3 Responses to Vision For The Future

  1. I was very nearsighted and got my first pair of glasses in the 4th grade. I went through all the hassles with contact lenses, and eventually got laser surgery when I was in my 30′s. It was one of those decisions that I wish I had made earlier. Life without glasses or contact lenses is SO much better!

    If you consider having the laser eye surgery, you should be informed that this procedure will correct your vision, but won’t prevent changes as we age. So I had better than 20/20 vision for many years after the surgery, but as I approached my 50′s I found I could still see most things just fine, but I am now becoming farsighted and need reading glasses to read anything up close.

    So I keep extra reading glasses, but if I had to go without them, it wouldn’t really matter. You can find reading glasses at any drug store, but finding prescription glasses or contacts is going to be impossible after the SHTF.

  2. Will laser surgery work for those over 60? Or would early cataract surgery be more appropriate…if one can find a surgeon to do it.

  3. I use to stock up on my glasses for pretty cheap.