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Superfoods for Preppers: Carrots

I wouldn’t attempt to grow rice or wheat. The harvested crop needs to be threshed and hulled. It’s too much work for a food that is inexpensive to buy and easy store. On the other hand, carrots are a difficult … Continue reading

Which Supplements Should You Store? Selenium

Not every vitamin or mineral supplement is good for your health. Generally-speaking, the best way to obtain the nutrients that you need for survival and good health is from your food. But selenium is an exception to that rule. The … Continue reading

Superfoods for Preppers: Colorful Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers are a common staple of the backyard garden. But did you know that the different colors of peppers often indicate different nutritional content? Red bell peppers are higher in potassium and vitamin C than green bell peppers. The … Continue reading

The Usefulness of Storing Dried Spices

The main focus of my own stored food preps is the macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. But once you have plenty of all three, some consideration should be given to taste and enjoyment. Stored food tends to be rather monotonous: … Continue reading

Sunlight plus Mushrooms equals Vitamin D

You might already know that your body produces vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Specifically, it is the UV-B wavelength that produces the vitamin in your skin. How much time do you need to spend in the … Continue reading

On the Necessity of Dietary Fat for Survival

We’ve all seen those ubiquitous food advertisements, promoting fat-free or low-fat foods, as if fat were necessarily always bad for your health. And unfortunately, for many years, some health experts recommended a low-fat diet over other dietary patterns. But in … Continue reading

Which Vitamin or Mineral Supplements Should You Store?

A medical news story caught my eye recently. A group of physicians and medical researchers published an editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Dec 2013) recommending that most well-nourished adults stop taking multivitamin and mineral supplements: Enough Is Enough: … Continue reading

A Primer on Flavonoids and Health

Occasionally on this blog, I’ll be straying from our main topic of prepping into some not-too-distantly related subjects, such as healthy foods. This is one of those posts. The topic is flavonoids (a.k.a. bioflavonoids) and their effect on health. Flavonoids … Continue reading

Superfoods for Preppers: Walnuts

What is a superfood? It’s a food that is particularly high in nutrition, especially in nutritional components beyond the basic macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates). Often, a superfood has (or is claimed to have) beneficial health effects, beyond basic sustenance. … Continue reading

How To Evaluate A Protein Source

Almost any severe disaster, SHTF scenario, or semi-TEOTWAWKI situation is likely to disrupt the food supply. Today, when you walk into any supermarket, you can choose from thousands of food items. If there is any significant disruption to the food … Continue reading

A Prep-Blog Retrospective: Survival Nutrition Posts

I looked back through our many past posts on prepping and survival nutrition. Gathered here are the top posts on that topic. Survival Nutrition – this overview introduces the concern about proper nutrition from a prepping and survival point of … Continue reading

Should you buy and store Lysine Supplements?

I am continuing to rebuild my supplies of stored food. (Much of my previous supplies were lost when I moved from the Gun-shine state to Taxachusetts.) This time I am using a spreadsheet to evaluate the nutritional content of the … Continue reading