Weekly Survival Reader: July 22-26

This week’s links include a humorous story about a houseboat shaped like a giant egg, which works great for a SHTF bug-out by water (or not). There’s a useful Indiegogo project producing patches that repel mosquitoes. It’s actually based on science published in Nature magazine, and not too expensive. Then there’s a number of good gardening links, esp. the one on Red Flint Grain Corn. Flint corn is hardier than sweet or dent corn; some varieties can even survive a frost or two.

Friday: 26 July 2013
* Backyard Gardening Blog: How To Grow Quinoa
* Organic Gardening: Preserving the Tastes of Summer
* $100/month: Travel Tip – Convert Your Hotel Sink into a Makeshift Cooler (bug-out tip)
* Yum Universe: The Ultimate Plant-Powerful Dairy-Free Milk Guide
* Treehugger.com: 5 Labor Saving Tips for the Lazivore Gardener

Thursday: 25 July 2013
* Canning Granny: Canning Sweet Potatoes
* Eat Well 101: Recipe: Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread
* reThinkSurvival.com: 8 Things That Are Darn Hard to Make Post-SHTF
* Indiegogo: This tiny, wearable patch makes you invisible to mosquitos
* Cheaper Than Dirt: Best Selling AR-15s of 2013

Wednesday: 24 July 2013
* Greatest: 24 Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Nights (Without AC)
* Fluster Buster: Salt – 59 Uses (WWII Series)
* Doom and Bloom: The Survival Medicine Handbook
* Mother Earth News: Sell Your Surplus With a Farmstand
* Survival UK: To Buy or Not to Buy (2 or 3 is 1)

Tuesday: 23 July 2013
* Root Simple: Is An Egg-shaped Houseboat The Right SHTF Shelter For You? (just kidding)
* Lifehacker: DIY HD TV Antenna (for when the SHTF and the cable goes out)
* Survival Sherpa: Random Acts of Prepping
* Organic Gardening: Second Harvest
* MERS watch: 45 deaths/90 cases (50% fatality rate)

Monday: 22 July 2013
* Finance: Pricey Poultry: Why Chicken Has Gotten Expensive
* News: CT State Police To Gunmakers: No More Advice On Designs
* Grit.com: Floriani Red Flint Grain Corn: A Homestead Staple
* SHTF Preparedness: The Ultimate Guide To Re-Using Grey Water
* Willow Haven Outdoor: DENY DENIAL: Your most primitive survival skill can also be fatal

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