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Economics: Recession, Depression, or Total Collapse?

It’s a frequent theme on survival blogs, what to do when the economy totally collapses. Often various sources and news stories are cited, as if they indicate that the collapse is imminent. I don’t completely disagree. The world economy has … Continue reading

TEOTWAWKI versus Short-Term Disasters

Tell anyone that you are Prepping, and they will ask: “What are you prepping for?” There are two common answers to that question. Some preppers emphasize readiness for short-term and fairly common disasters. Other preppers, often called survivalists, emphasize the … Continue reading

Welcome to Prep-Blog.com

Prep-Blog.com is a survival blog for the non-survivalist. Emergency preparedness does not have to take up all of your time and money. On this blog, editors Butch C. and H. Thoreau will strive to present and discuss reasonable moderate steps … Continue reading