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Which Natural Disasters Are The Most Deadly?

The answer might surprise you. This article considers the deadliest of each type of natural disaster, in the last 100 years, from 1912 to 2011 inclusive. The reason that we should look back to disasters from the not-so-distant past, is … Continue reading

Bugging Out or Hunkering Down?

I know that many survival blogs, speak at length about bugging out, but I’m not a fan of this approach. I’m much more inclined to hunker down in my current location, than to leave home and most of my resources … Continue reading

Wondering why you should PREP?

Just watch The Weather Channel. That’s right, just take a look at the 24 hour weather network at pretty much any time of day and you’ll see why people all over the country (and the world) should be preparing for … Continue reading