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Radiation Detectors: Gamma Scout Review

I purchased the Gamma Scout Alert Model radiation detector last year, after my previous radiation detector (from a different company) failed. I’m very pleased with the Gamma Scout. It is a feature-rich well-designed Geiger counter, made in Germany. The Alert … Continue reading

Bugging Out or Hunkering Down?

I know that many survival blogs, speak at length about bugging out, but I’m not a fan of this approach. I’m much more inclined to hunker down in my current location, than to leave home and most of my resources … Continue reading

Prepping for a Radiation Disaster: KI tablets

Suppose that a nuclear power plant near your home has a problem, and radioactive material is released. The scope of the disaster could be fairly limited, as happened at Three Mile Island, or more extensive, as happened at Fukushima and … Continue reading