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TEOTWAWKI versus Short-Term Disasters

Tell anyone that you are Prepping, and they will ask: “What are you prepping for?” There are two common answers to that question. Some preppers emphasize readiness for short-term and fairly common disasters. Other preppers, often called survivalists, emphasize the … Continue reading

Prepping for a Radiation Disaster: KI tablets

Suppose that a nuclear power plant near your home has a problem, and radioactive material is released. The scope of the disaster could be fairly limited, as happened at Three Mile Island, or more extensive, as happened at Fukushima and … Continue reading

Disaster Planning: which disasters?

Bruce Schneier, Chief Technology Officer of security firm BT Counterpane and the author of Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World, has a thought-provoking article on disaster planning: Disaster Planning Is Critical, but Pick a Reasonable Disaster. … Continue reading