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Economics: Recession, Depression, or Total Collapse?

It’s a frequent theme on survival blogs, what to do when the economy totally collapses. Often various sources and news stories are cited, as if they indicate that the collapse is imminent. I don’t completely disagree. The world economy has … Continue reading

Food Storage for Survival: Carbs, Protein, Fat

I’ve seen many different survival and survivalist blogs discuss this fundamental prepping topic: Food Storage. Typical recommendations include: grains, canned goods, dried beans, powdered milk, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, etc. Sometimes they tout particular food items as good choices, due … Continue reading

Dinner… Survival Style

The kids were off on a school field trip and the wife went along as a chaperone so I was on my own for dinner tonight. I carefully considered my options; Chinese takeout, pizza, tacos, mac-and-cheese, or…dip into my emergency … Continue reading

Food Storage for Emergency Preparedness: the basics

Why Store Food? Suppose that some type of moderate disaster occurs. Not the end of the world. Not a total economic and societal melt-down. Just the type of disaster that has happened, in one place or another, multiple times so … Continue reading