U.S. Presidential Candidates on Gun Control

Here’s the article at Rolling Stone magazine — Gun Control: Where Each of the Presidential Candidates Stands.

As you might expect, the democrats are generally in favor of greater gun control, and the republicans are generally in favor of protecting and expanding second amendment rights.

Pataki (R) is an outlier. As governor of New York, he passed one of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation.

Trump (R) claims to support gun ownership for self-defense and to “generally oppose” gun control. But he is on record as supporting a ban on assault weapons. So, he’s not what I would consider to be pro-2nd amendment.

Sanders (D) is from Vermont, where his voting record is in line with that State’s historical preference to shun gun control. But as a liberal democrat, I don’t trust that he would extend that attitude toward guns to the nation.

I’m not a one issue voter. But I’m concerned that, right now, Clinton looks like a shoe-in for the Democratic nomination, with a good chance of getting elected in the general election. That would not bode well for gun rights in the near future.

– Thoreau

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