Disarmed populace vulnerable as ISIL threatens Aussies

Australia is the poster child for the push in the U.S. to villainize firearms, restrict gun rights, and eventually do away with the Second Amendment. Proponents of a disarmed U.S. population point to Australia as a success story: The 1996 National Firearms Agreement in Australia essentially disarmed the population and gun deaths fell. Never mind that they were falling steadily prior to 1996. After that, few civilians could legally own firearms, the types of firearms they could own were very limited, and no one was said to have a right to own a gun (in that nation). Aussies need to give their government a compelling reason why they should be permitted to own a gun. Oh, and a general need for self-defense is not considered a good enough reason. Yikes!

But consider what is happening now. Australia raids foil reported ISIS beheading plots The authorities down under prevented a plot by ISIL (aka, ISIS, Islamic State, DAIISH) to kidnap and behead randomly chosen civilians. Bloody Hell! (Is that a Aussie expression or a British one?)

Australian counterterrorism forces detained 15 people Thursday in a series of suburban raids after receiving intelligence that the Islamic State militant group was planning public beheadings in two Australian cities to demonstrate its reach.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the plan involved kidnapping randomly selected members of the public off the streets in Sydney and Brisbane, beheading them on camera, and releasing the recordings through Islamic State’s propaganda arm in the Middle East.

Australia has about the same percentage of Muslims as the U.S. does: 2% give or take a few tenths. And most U.S. and Aussie Muslims are not extremists. But it only takes a few extremists to carry out a terrorist attack. If it can happen in Australia, it can happen in the U.S.

The difference, though, is that the Australian population is essentially unarmed. In the list of Guns per 100 residents, the U.S. ranks first with 90 guns per 100 residents. Of course, some people own more than one gun and others own none, but perhaps one third to one half of all U.S. households possess a firearm [Gallup.com]. In Australia, it’s 15 guns per 100 residents, and some people own more than one gun. So the vast majority of households there have no firearms.

One of the main arguments in favor of civilian gun ownership and concealed carry is simply self-defense. You can’t always call 911 and wait for the police. In this violent world, where criminals and terrorists are armed, sometimes the good guys also need to be armed. I would not be surprised if, a few years down the road, Australia (and several other disarmed nations) were to change their minds about guns and support civilian gun ownership for self-defense.

– Thoreau

2 Responses to Disarmed populace vulnerable as ISIL threatens Aussies

  1. They may be disarmed but the Aussies are tough they aren’t going down without a fight.

  2. I hope you’re right, James. They’re only a nation of ~20 million. Immediate neighbors to the north are well-over 10 x that number, not to mention China at 1.3 billion.
    One day Australia might prove to be too attaractive an “acquisition”.