Weekly Survival Reader: April 14-19

It’s time for another installment of Prep-Blog’s weekly prepping and survival reader, with interesting blog posts, articles, products, and news of interest to preppers.

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Saturday: 19 April 2014
What could go wrong with that? Edition
* News: U.S. Approves Powdered Alcohol for Commercial Sales
* DIY: Make Your Own CAT Scanner
* Guns: Storing a Loaded Shotgun in the headboard of a Bed
* New Feature: ‘Nearby Friends’ shares your GPS location with your Facebook friends (and their advertisers) (Cyber-stalking meets Real Life Stalking)
* Bureaucratic Mentality: HealthCare.gov resets millions of passwords

Thursday: 17 April 2014
* Off The Grid News: 6 Essential Foundations to a Great Garden
* Instructables: Biodegradable starter pots out of coffee grounds!
* Wired: Is It Time to Encrypt the Entire Internet? (IMHO, definitely not.)
* Backyard Chickens: Building A Tail Feather Cottage
* Mother Earth News: Raising Ducks and Geese: A Guide to Waterfowl

Wednesday: 16 April 2014
* ZenPen: Online Distraction-free Writing Zone
* Coming Soon: New Federal Dietary Guidelines
* Survival Sherpa: How Much Does Your Gear Weigh?
* 3 Boxes of BS: Federal Property -Research
* Root Simple: How to Deal with Extremely Root Bound Plants

Monday: 14 April 2014
* Mother Earth News: Homebrewing for Beginners, Part 1: Equipment, Recipe, and Ingredients
* Mom with a Prep: 10 First Aid Skills Every Parent Should Know
* Survival UK: Building A Survival Library
* The Dig-in: How To Plant Store-bought Sweet Potatoes
* Tech News: Google’s Modular Smart Phone

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