Weekly Survival Reader: March 31 to April 4th

It’s time for another installment of Prep-Blog’s weekly prepping and survival reader, with interesting blog posts, articles, products, and news of interest to preppers.

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Friday: 4 April 2014
* Grit: All About Goats
* $100/month: Ask Mavis Your Gardening Questions – How to Grow Potatoes
* Organic Gardening: Growing Heat-Lovers in the North
* The Truth About Guns: ATF Confirms Firing an AR-15 Pistol From the Shoulder Using SIG’s Brace is A-OK
* Off the Grid News: Bamboo: the Ultimate Homestead Survival Plant

Thursday: 3 April 2014
* Survival Sherpa: A Curiously Strong One-Stop-Shop for Natural Fire Tinder
* Doomsday Moose: Five Ways to Move Your Home off the Grid
* Willowhaven Outdoor: The Ruger 10/22 Rifle: A Survival Cameleon
* Off the Grid News: 5 All-Natural Bug-Killing Pesticides For The Garden
* Mom with a Prep: 6 Ways to Dehydrate Foods

Wednesday: 2 April 2014
* Geek Prepper: Tactical Training for Civilians
* Destiny Survival: Surviving a Disaster When FEMA Isn’t There — Part 2
* Backdoor Survival: Are We Headed Toward a Cyber War?
* Doom and Bloom: 911 Emergency Apps
* Mother Earth News: Intensive Gardening: Grow More Food in Less Space

Tuesday: 1 April 2014
* My Adventures in Self-Reliance: April is the Cruelest Month (successful prepping on a strict budget)
* Willowhaven Outdoor: 6 Strategies to Lighten Your Bug Out Bag
* Geek Prepper: Trapping for Food After SHTF
* Mom with a Prep: Preparedness and Survival Quotes
* Underground Medic: International Flights Still Operating From Conakry Airport Despite Ebola Risk

Monday: 31 March 2014
* Game and Garden: Tenderizing Tough Cuts of Meat with Best Dry Rub Recipe
* Mother Earth News: Future of Small-Scale Wind Power
* $100/month: April Garden Chores
* The Homestead Survival: Build a Strawberry Pyramid DIY Project
* Organic Gardening: Preparing the Soil in Spring

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