Weekly Survival Reader Sept 23-27

This week’s post round-up features several good links on guns, including posts on the U.N. Arms Treaty, good first shotguns, and an infographic on the military-issue rifles in each nation of the world. As always, there are plenty of links on gardening, including a post on aquaponics. And check out Monday’s link to a story on a golden eagle taking down a deer. If it hadn’t been caught on camera, it wouldn’t be believable.

Friday: 27 September 2013
* Mother Earth News: The Aquaponics Source Announces Publication of “Aquaponics Gardening”
* Outdoor Quest: Direction – Bearngs and Azimuths
* Backdoor Survival: Fall in Love With Cast Iron
* Grit.com: How to Get Healthy Garden Soil
* Soup Pot Cooks Association: Cooking a Feast over an Open Fire

Thursday: 26 September 2013
* Organic Gardening: Heirloom Pumpkins & Squashes
* Root Simple: The Lament of the Baker’s Wife
* Doomsday Moose: 5 Different Methods of Starting a Fire without Wood
* Frugal Prep: Easy Acorns
* Lifehacker: Make Homestyle Butter (and Buttermilk) in Your Blender

Wednesday: 25 September 2013
* Gizmodo: What the Military Issue Rifle Is in Each Country of the World
* Chuck Hawks: Good First Shotguns (he likes the 20 gauge)
* Gun News: NRA blasts John Kerry for signing UN arms treaty (signed, but still needs to be ratified by the Senate)
* Prep-Blog archives: Should the U.S. Ratify the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty?
* How To Survive It: 10 Awesome Survival Knives

Tuesday: 24 September 2013
* Mother Earth News: Urban Gardening and Growing Melons
* Game and Garden: Stacy’s Interview with Food Storage and Survival Expert Angela Paskett
* Garden Betty: Making That Difficult Decision As a Chicken-Keeper
* Blooming on Bainbridge: Cornbread 101: How to Make Perfect Cornbread
* Happy Healthnut: How to Make Tomato Paste in Two Simple Steps

Monday: 23 September 2013
* Mother Earth News: Freezing Vegetables: 2 Great Methods
* Frugal Prep: Frugal Home Security Improvements for NPM
* WTF News: Golden Eagle Attacking Sika Deer in Russia Captured on Camera
* Doomsday Moose: Protecting Yourself from Marauders after a Natural Disaster
* More Than Just Surviving: EDC Pocket Dump

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