Preparing For New Gun Laws

I spent this evening talking to some friends (preppers and otherwise) about the [likely] upcoming gun bans.  Now, while none of us are sure what will actually come of the proposed measures and most of us hope that cooler 2nd amendment minded heads will prevail, there’s still lots of discussion and some heated debate around the issues.

As I am already well prepared and have a good handle on firearms safety, training, and own pretty much all of the guns on my wish list, I’m in a bit of a different situation from the average guy who was never really paying attention but is suddenly realizing that a right he took for granted may be taken away from him.

In the past when asked by a first time gun owner, “what gun should I buy?” I have always recommended the .12 gauge shotgun followed by a high quality revolver as my first choices.  This being because they are so simple to operate, very reliable, and great for a novice shooter to employ even if there is a misfire or jam.  Both of which are extremely unlikely for these types of firearms….

In our current political situation where it certainly seems we are facing some sort of new gun bans (and I’m tired of speculating on exactly what will be proposed and what will ultimately pass so I will speak generically) my advice to first time gun buyers has changed.  Recently I’m advising my friends to pick up AR-15 style rifles of the highest quality they can find along with a few premium semi-auto pistols.  

This is contrary to the advice I would have given in the past where I always felt that a new shooter should build up to the more advanced weapons.  However, with gun bans looming, the reasonable person has to believe that it is most prudent to first acquire the guns they may not be able to purchase later.

I’m only speculating but I would think that 12 gauge shotguns (which I love), revolvers (which I’m a huge fan of), and lever action rifles (which I have yet to get into but which Thoreau has been into for a long time) are not going to be subjected to this new legislation.  So, while ordinarily I would recommend a first time gun buyer pick up a 12 gauge, my new advice is to pick  up an AR-15.  The reasoning being that you will always be able to get the shotgun, but this may be your last chance at the rifle.

Taking this a step further, when asked about home security my first response has always been, “Get A Dog!  A Big One!”  Lately I’ve had to amend that statement because I know that dogs will never be banned, but some important self-defense firearms just might be.  So, Buy What You Can Now and pick up what’s easily available later.

For citizens to have to change their behavior (and not necessarily in a positive way) just to avoid future legislation is not good.  We don’t like to get political here at Prep-Blog….So I guess I’ll just zip it up now and go to bed.  But with two big dogs guarding my house and a 9mm in a bedside safe…



One Response to Preparing For New Gun Laws

  1. Regarding all the new laws coming out regarding gun violence, we see people wanting to attack the object made out of mere material, the gun itself. Instead of stressing the fact that this nation needs a moral lesson regarding violence they instead attack the gun. Mankind refuses to admit that he is a sinner and needs God’s moral law! We need to return to true parenthood and the teachings of God’s moral standards or nothing will change!

    If you want to truly protect your children teach them God’s morals! Don’t blame pieces of metal and gunpowder.