List of proposed banned guns

UPDATE: the full text of the bill is now available here. It is Senate bill S.150, submitted on Jan. 24th to the 113th Congress.

Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced her new gun control legislation today at a press conference. The full text is not yet available (but will be added here when it is out). However, the Daily Caller has published a screenshot of the list of over 150 banned firearms:

Click the image below for the full size image:

There is a text version of the above list here: along with a summary of the bill’s contents.

And here is a new summary of the bill from Feinstein’s page.

More as events unfold

– Thoreau

3 Responses to List of proposed banned guns

  1. She has the Norinco 56S (SKS) listed under the “AK Type Rifles.” The SKS is not an AK type rifle. Not only that, it is a C&R rifle. Is she planning on banning all curios and relics?

  2. The list also includes pistol-caliber carbines like the Cx4 and the Hi-Point. I don’t see how a 9mm carbine is a military weapon only fit for use on the battlefield. The Hi-Point only has 10 round mags available for it, and in .45 the mags are 9 rounds.

  3. Cliffy, unless they just recently changed it, ATF does NOT list the Chinese SKS as being C&R eligible. Albanian, Yugo, Russian, Romanian, East German SKSs yes, but not the Chinese. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. But then again, little that they do does.