Ten Under-Rated Prepping Items

In this article I’d like to talk about what I think are some of the most underrated yet simple and practical items for prepping.  We talk a lot about different items for food storage, methods of water purification, first-aid supplies, and lately a lot about firearms.  But it occurred to me that there are a few common items that are rarely mentioned but which would make excellent additions to any preppers supplies.

In no particular order they are:

Bic Lighters.  Simple disposable cigarette lighters are an absolute must have item for any prepper.  I see ads for emergency fire starters all the time (and I even own one) but really the best option for getting a fire started is to use a simple bic lighter.  I’ve got about ten of them scattered around my house, garage, car, bug-out-bag, etc…

A Good Winter Hat.  Having a quality winter hat really comes in handy, is cheap and easy to store in a BOB or wherever and will keep your body temperature up.  With a good hat on I can usually take off at least one layer of clothing like a jacket or fleece pullover and be just as warm.

Bullion Cubes.  I recently spotted bullion cubes on sale at the grocery store and realized what a great item they are to have in my emergency food stores.  You can use them to spice up an otherwise boring soup or add them to water that’s been purified for drinking to improve flavor.

Baby Wipes.  I keep a lot of baby wipes around.  They’re great for cleaning up quickly in the field and for generally tidying up small messes at home.  In an emergency where a shower might not be available they can certainly keep your hygiene up.

Glow Sticks.  Every time I stop by Home Depot I throw a handful of glowsticks in my cart.  They’re cheap, easy to store, and give off hours of light when needed.  They’re also safe.  Much safer than leaving a candle burning in a youngsters room while still giving a comforting glow.

Paper Maps.  So many of us rely on GPS systems these days that it’s tough to imagine trying to get around without them.  Well, if the system goes down for some reason and your usual path home is congested or blocked a paper map will come in handy for finding alternate routes.

Paper Plates.  I know using paper plates, plastic cups, forks, knives, et cetera is not a long term solution but in a short-term emergency situation it’s much better to have them around and not have to worry about washing dishes when water may be tight.  Look for them on sale and stock up with enough for about two weeks.  I picked up a “party pack” that contained everything and tossed it in with my stored food.

Ziplock Bags.  I like having ziplock bags around.  They’re good for storing leftover food, keeping cell phones and other electronics dry, and keeping items separated, clean, and dry in a pack.

Tabasco Sauce.  This is an excellent item to have around if you ever have to dig into your stored foods.  A little bit goes a long way and really spices up a meal.  Of course, that’s just my taste.  For others it may be plain ketchup that works better. Either way, don’t forget the condiments.  Any time we have leftover single serving packets of ketchup, soy sauce, salt or pepper (like the kind you get from a fast food restaurant) I throw them in a tupperware container that I keep with my stored food.

Duct Tape.  Okay, this item is certainly not underrated but I just can’t resist mentioning it in any list of prepping items that I put together.  Love the stuff!

~ Butch

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  1. Excellent article, Butch, I think there are many things we all take for granted and don’t realise how vital they can be to either our survival and comfort. I enjoyed reading this article not least because it is clear and concise, with good images too. Thank you for posting.