Prepping For Disaster – The New Gun Laws

Here at Prep-Blog we are staunch supporters of the 2nd amendment.  Period.  End of Story.  Not however, the end of this post.  While we don’t like to get into politics too much here I think we can clearly see that there are some new gun control laws on the horizon and that they will likely not be very favorable to those of us that believe owning guns is not only our right but also our responsibility.

Personally I see the new gun bans that are about to be proposed as an absolute disaster.  So what does any good Prepper do when faced with a disaster?  Why of course we Prepare and we do so Prudently and Reasonably.  For a wise prepper this new legislation should be treated just like any other disaster in the making.

We don’t know what the final bill will look like or if it will even be passed but let’s work on the assumption that the lawmakers are going to target centerfire AR-15 style rifles, high capacity magazines, and semi-auto handguns of various types.  It is unclear whether they will try to ban the sale of new firearms in these categories or outlaw them altogether.  I think the latter is very unlikely (and would be extremely difficult to enforce) so most likely those already owning the guns in question would be “grandfathered in”.  I could envision a scenario where high capacity magazines could end up becoming illegal though.

With this in mind let’s examine a couple of scenarios and options for Preppers to get ready for this new legislation should it pass.

I’ll use my own situation for the first example.  I own a few guns that are probably going to be on the list in this new bill being put forward.  They include an AR-15 in 5.56 that is fitted with a bullet button, making it currently legal in California, as well as a couple of Beretta PX4 pistols in 9mm and a browning BDA .380 semi-auto (which is really a great little handgun by the way).   If Senator Feinstein was Santa Claus these guns would undoubtedly be on her “naughty list”.   I also have several firearms that would likely end up on the “nice list” (or at least the “not so naughty list”).  They include a couple of 12 gauge shotguns, a couple of .22 rimfire rifles, and a revolver.  I highly doubt that anything in .22 rimfire will be banned.  All of these weapons were purchased legally through gun stores and are registered so I’m not putting anything out there that anyone couldn’t find out if they really wanted to anyway.

For me, or anyone like me who already has a few guns that are at risk under the possible new legislation, there are a couple of options for us to get prepared.  Option one is to sit tight and see what happens as we’re already pretty well armed and ready to defend ourselves if need be.  This option has its pluses and minuses.  On the plus side we’re not laying out extra cash on items that could be taken away.  On the minus side we’re probably stuck with what we’ve got and should a firearm break or otherwise need replacing in the future we’d be out of luck.  Option two is to run out and pick up one more of each gun we like (if we could even find one in stock).  On the plus side this would likely leave us better stocked and hopefully grandfathered in.  On the minus side we could end up laying out a bunch of cash only to see our new guns taken away, which again I see as very unlikely.  Personally I’m going to wait and see what happens.

For those of you who do not already own anything that’s likely to be on the “naughty list” but would like to your best bet is probably to try to make a purchase before the bill passes, which could take a while as I think it will be hotly contested and not sail right through.  I’m hearing that inventory at gun stores is extremely low but it’s worth a shot to see if you can get a nice rifle and a quality semi-auto at least.  Remember to pick up plenty of ammo as well as this could be tough to come by in the future and will be worth tons in a barter situation.

I know this all sounds pretty bleak but if there’s one bright side for us Preppers it’s that if you really think about it many of the guns that we generally recommend for Prepping are actually unlikely to be banned or affected at all.  In the past Thoreau and I have both written about what we think the best guns for prepping are and I don’t recall either of us mentioning the AR-15 (although I am a big fan and they are sooo fun to shoot…).  I know Thoreau likes 9mm carbines for home defense but the good money says these types of guns are almost certainly going on the naughty list.  Generally we’ve advocated for 12 gauge shotguns, revolvers, and rifles in .22 rimfire.  Personally I love the .22 and rarely shut up about it as you can see here, and I just don’t see anything in this caliber ending up banned.  Very doubtful.  

So should this new ban pass in some shape or form my plan is going to be to go back to my old faithfuls and pick up another 12 gauge, a couple more .22 rifles, another revolver, and probably a .22 pistol as well if I can find one that appeals to me.  I’ve been searching for a .22 caliber pistol for a while but haven’t made a purchase yet.

In the meantime let’s hope the folks on our side will prevail and this bill doesn’t pass or ends up being largely meaningless.

~ Butch

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2 Responses to Prepping For Disaster – The New Gun Laws

  1. Im thinkin ,lever action 3030.Ive always kinda wanted one,and it seams it could be another level of redundency on my firearm preps.Very common ammo,reliable ,and accurate.

  2. Like Butch, I also have an AR-15 and have had it for going on six years now. I’d hate to give it up particularly since it was given to me as a gift (new) by my late father. I’ve been trying to stock up on ammunition supplies for it and other firearms for a good while now in case ammunition should become difficult to find (like it’s not already!), increasingly expensive, or regulated by the amount one can lawfully purchase. My intent is to continue stocking ammo for this particular caliber since it’s often one of the first to disappear during moments of political fervor. It’s happened before, has happened now, and will happen again. I already have a good number of magazines for it that may or may not become unlawful to possess. One item I really want to procure is a parts kit so that I may increase the life expectancy of this rifle. My backup plan, should this rifle become totally illegal to own, is merely to get a bolt action .223. They’re not expensive at all, fairly easy to find, and I’d be able to make use of my ammo stores although I already have several other rifles. Currently, however, I’m in the market for a Ruger Mini-14 that will share ammunition with my AR and be a good substitute for it although that Ruger would probably join Feinstein’s list of wicked weaponry.

    I have a shotgun that appears to be illegal to purchase under the guise of the proposed ban. Hopefully, I’d be able to keep this shotgun. I actually have many hunting-oriented shotguns that would apparently be exempt (along with many other rifles). In the meantime, I’d like to obtain a second shotgun, that may become illegal as the other I’ve mentioned, and hope for the best.

    My second big concern, after my AR’s fate, is that of my pistols. I have a selection of semi-auto handguns many of which have rails, night sights, and other “tactical” items. I don’t know if (more aptly when) these guns will be accosted politically, but most of them hold more than 10 rounds (the limit of the original weapons ban). Would the magazines become illegal? Would I be able to buy more if I need them later. Regardless, I have recently ordered a collection (to join my existing collection) of spare magazines for my handguns. I would also love to buy a .38 Spcl./.357 Mag revolver, but I so dearly dread the idea of stocking an additional caliber of ammunition! I also want a .22 LR pistol, particularly a Walther P-22, but I may settle for a .22 revolver of some type in the future. This is the bottom of my gun priority list.