Beretta PX4 Storm Review

This is a review of the Beretta PX4 Storm handgun from a Prepping point of view.  Now, I’ve been collecting and shooting guns for the last twenty years or so but still don’t consider myself an expert by any means on the technical aspects of firearms.  However, I would like to talk about the basics of the gun and then get into a bit more detail about the PX4′s qualities as a gun for Prepping and home-defense.

There are about four different models of the PX4 available which all come in a few different calibers.  I chose the full size PX4 in 9mm and I will say just for starters, this is a very good looking gun.  It’s got a medium size and weight and fits very well in my medium size hand.  The gun also comes with a couple of different grips so those with larger or smaller hands can customize the weapon to their liking.  For me it was a perfect fit right out of the box with the medium size grip.

The first thing you’ll notice about the PX4 are the tight tolerances the gun has.  You can lock the slide open and shake it around quite a bit and you’ll notice there is no rattling at all.  The gun is very very tight.  The next thing for me was the natural way I could acquire a site picture just by quickly raising the gun up into the firing position.  It comes equipped with a fixed three dot system with bright white dots on both front and rear sites.  I find it very natural to aim and also quite accurate.

Official site: Beretta’s Px4 in 360°

My California legal model came with two 10 round magazines but I understand in most other states the gun comes with 17 round magazines.  20 round magazines are also available in states where they are legal.  That’s a lot of firepower.  It’s also reasonably priced at around $500.

When I’m considering a gun for home defense the most important things I’m looking for are reliability, ease-of-use, conceal-ability, and confidence.

Reliability is fairly self explanatory and I’ve found this particular Beretta to be very reliable.  I’ve had it for a year and a half or so and have put all kinds of rounds through it.  I’ve shot crappy target grade ammo as well as fancy self-defense rounds.  Admittedly I’ve shot lots and lots of target ammo and only a handful of self-defense rounds but hey, those things are expensive.  My main concern in firing them was to make sure that the unusual shape and/or rubber inserts on some of the rounds wouldn’t jam up the gun.  I’ve also gone quite a while between cleanings (something I don’t recommend for anyone not specifically testing for reliability) and have had zero problems.

As for ease-of-use, what I mean here is how intuitively the safeties and other functionality of the weapon work.  For the Beretta PX4 I’ve found the ambidextrous safety to be great, the magazine release to work easily but not so much that I may accidentally drop a mag at the wrong time, and the cocking lever to be smooth.  For me, this all adds up to a gun I’m proud to own and have a lot of fun shooting.

On the conceal-ability scale the full size PX4 that I chose is probably just an okay option.  It’s a bit heavy for everyday carry, although the fine state of California made that a bit easier for me by limiting me to ten round mags…  And the frame is a little too big for some carry positions.  However, in an emergency it would be a fine gun to have on your hip and could fit nicely into a fanny pack or other carry device if needed.  I’ll also say that in the type of emergency that would cause me to carry concealed I want to have a gun that’s powerful and accurate, not some micro-sized pea shooter that may be comfortable in a holster but that I’m not confident in.

What I mean by confidence is my own ability to fire the weapon quickly and accurately and for it to have a level of noise and recoil that I feel is acceptable.  Any weapon that kicks too hard for you or is overly loud is going to erode your confidence in the weapon and could be a problem in an emergency situation.  For me, the PX4 fits nicely into this category.

The last thing I’ll say is that lately I’ve been looking at new handguns and have decided on purchasing another PX4 Storm.  I know a lot of collectors would want to get a different gun but for me, with Prepping as the major driver, I’d rather have two of the same.  Not only am I already proficient with the weapon but they can share the same magazines, ammo, and spare parts should one or both break.

In summation, I’ve found something I like and I’m sticking with it!



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