Weekly Round-up of News and Views

We hope to make this a weekly feature at Prep-Blog. It’s a quick review of some good recent posts on other prepping and survival blogs, as well as some links to good old articles of our own. There’s also a section with some news items, not the important political or social stories, but some off-beat interesting news articles.


Jennifer Bell over at HealthTrainingGuide.com has an interesting and well-researched article on the dangers of disease epidemics: The History and Future of Pandemics

Your Opinion Might Not Matter – The Use Of Deadly Force
Gracie’s post at PackingPretty.com on the use of deadly force. It’s worth a read. So is our recent post on the subject:
Lethal versus Less-lethal Self-Defense Options

MORE Tips for Preserving Eggs
Kellene Bishop, The Preparedness Pro, discusses egg preservation. Food storage and preservation is always a useful prepping topic. Here are some of our older posts on the topic:
Food Storage for Survival: Carbs, Protein, Fat
Dinner… Survival Style

See also this article, from Mother Earth News in 1977, How To Store Fresh Eggs

Selecting and Shopping for a Newbie Handgun
Survival Woman’s husband talks about his experience selecting a self-defense handgun.
Our articles on guns and self-defense include:
What gun should I buy?
SHTF and a Return to Normalcy

Here’s a review of the NatGeo show: DoomsDay Preppers over at Watch, Prepare, Wait — and some of our thoughts on the show, Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Preppers Review

Unique Survival Gear You May Not Have Heard Of
Some cool survival gadgets reviewed in this blog post from Survival Spot.


Spectacular ‘Cloud Tsunami’ rolls over Florida high-rise condos
Not a threat, but a good reminder that nature is full of surprises.

Mountain man scares owners of remote Utah cabins
I’m not liking his approach to prepping and survival. But the story does highlight the fact that, if you live in a remote location, some hostile intruder(s) might try to take advantage of your home’s isolation.

Scientists debate mutant bird flu risk at WHO
So some scientist invented a new version of the bird flu that spreads more easily and does more damage than the regular bird flu. And he wants to publish his research, basically laying out a blueprint that could be followed to recreate his results. Very dangerous stuff.

– Thoreau

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