Bugging Out or Hunkering Down?

I know that many survival blogs, speak at length about bugging out, but I’m not a fan of this approach. I’m much more inclined to hunker down in my current location, than to leave home and most of my resources behind to head for parts unknown.

Now I’ll admit that there are some situations in which the most reasonable and prudent course of action is to bug out — to depart quickly in response to imminent danger. For example, if a category 5 hurricane is approaching, I’d be much more inclined to leave rather than to stay and ride out the storm. Or if there were a nuclear power plant disaster (at the power plant not too far from my home), I’d be forced by that circumstance to leave.

But for the most part, if it is at all practical, I would rather stay than leave. The advantages of digging in at one’s present location are many. You can certainly store more supplies in your home than you can in a backpack or a vehicle. Your home is more defensible than a vehicle. If your vehicle breaks down, you are highly vulnerable to weather and other dangers on foot. You know the lay of the land near your home well, and the resources available in your town. You may have friends and neighbors nearby whom you could rely on for assistance. When you bug out, you give up all of these advantages.

If you are evacuating your home, many other persons are probably doing the same. The roadways may become a parking lot, making you more vulnerable to severe weather, or radioactive fallout from a nuclear disaster, or civil unrest, etc. If you have to leave, do so as soon as possible, rather than as late as possible. If a vast number of persons are evacuating, where will you go? Any safe location that is relatively near will be crowded; resources at that location will be limited by high demand.

If you have to evacuate, then do so promptly, before the rush. Have a plan. Know where you are going. Have a ready-made list of items to throw in your car. Keep a bug out bag prepared in case evacuation is necessary.

What’s in your bug out bag? Sound off in the comments below.

– Thoreau

One Response to Bugging Out or Hunkering Down?

  1. personal observations:
    1) the larger the urban area, the more urgent it will be to leave it as crime will statistically rise higher faster than in a rural area
    2) in an urban environment, there are levels of “unsecure” places to remain at but eventually all would be susceptible to ravaging by either or both “legal” and “illegal” roving bands of criminals… just because the criminal sports a badge and drives a specially painted and light-bedecked vehicle does not make him/her a friend – am i anti-police..?? no but i would direct your attention to New Orleans/Katrina – ‘nuf said… but i digress… for example, places that have stores and provisions of any kind and the residential areas immediately around them will be prime targets; don’t be naive to think that since Wally World is half a block away, it will shield you from being “on the list” of places to raid… churches and other organizations perceived to be “charitable” in nature will also be in the crosshairs…
    3) get a place, get a plan, get prepared